Write Chris’ monologue ten years after the end of the film

Write Chris’ monologue ten years after the end of the film, by Jérémy Bensimon (élève de 2nde 2)

My name is Chris, I feel alone all the time. I’ve never forgotten what I did to be here. I’m writing this, today, because my child has just passed away and my wife, Chloe, has just left me.
My child was sick and he couldn’t survive. I don’t know how but Chloe heard about my relationship with Nola. It happened ten years ago though. Now, I’m lonely and I cry everyday because of what I did. This loneliness will kill me and I know it because it still makes me suffer. I can’t be myself anymore by knowing that Chloe is alive, somewhere, and she knows i’ve killed two women to conceal my relationship with my lover and especially the baby she expected. I do not feel guilty at all even if I regret lots of things. I know that I had to do that. Life is an endless guilt which has to be forgotten because there’s always something that you wish you had not done or had not been. I hope I will end my life comfortable with a big house and many children. I also hope that I will succeed in being another person without any problem but to get there, I ask myself whether I should kill Chloe and her whole family. I am not mad, I’m just clever…

I’ve always been told that to be someone we have to make decisions throughout our life. My aim is to be free and safe and I don’t really want to go to jail. I’ll be the one I want to be and I don’t want anyone to read this monologue because it’s my privacy.